Anke Groenewald specialises in a range of physio services including spinal, soft tissue, post-op and sports. Appointments are 45-60 minutes.

Welcome to Anke Groenewald Physiotherapy


What is physiotherapy?

  • Assessing, treating, preventing and rehabilitating movement disorders
  • Minimizing/manage dysfunction and pain affecting muscles, ligaments, fascia, joints and nerves
  • To achieve the highest possible level of independency
  • Preventing recurring injuries
  • Promoting good health
  • Helping patients to recover to his/her full potential and/or gain full mobility again
  • Rehabilitation and treatment of sport injuries
  • Helping patients before and after surgery to enhance early recovery
  • Patients that needs to see a physiotherapist doesn’t need a referral as we are first line practitioners



  • Spinal mobilization techniques
  • Massage
  • Dry needling
  • Soft tissue releasing
  • Exercise programs
  • Movement therapy
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Sports Strapping
  • Taping
  • Heat therapy
  • Ergonomic assessment & adjustments
  • Postural training
  • Muscle energy techniques
  • Pilates
  • Neural mobilisation techniques
  • Chronic pain education
  • Chest therapy (nebulisation, percussions, postural drainage, suction)
  • Breathing techniques
  • Patient education
  • Scar tissue and myofascial release



The practice charges medical aid rates. We do not submit to medical aids, but will provide you with an invoice to claim back from your medical aid yourself. You are therefore personally responsible for the payment of your account after each session. Card facilities are available.

Practice Hours



Earlier or later appointments on request


Appointments are 45 minutes

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087 135 5015